25 thoughts on “Wudasse Ethio Jazz Music-Ete Mate

  1. amhkid123

    I like it …Ethiopian children music well done.
    Kind of a “Clapping game” for kids specially girls…..I think that is what
    is called in US
    Ete mate yelomi shita (Ete mate (means like older sister) who smell like
    ya seweyie menalesh mata (What did the guy said last night)
    menim menim alalegni tidarun feto liwesedish alegni ( he didn’t say
    anything (she is kind shy to tell her) …..he said I will divorce my wife
    and marry you)
    ayiwesidishim tidarun feto ( he won’t divorce to marry you)

    It remind me my childhood?

  2. Jim Griffin

    @Enyalein1 My guess is that America has become the two-second-sound-byte,
    microwave mentality society totally gone on the superficial, and only what
    the eyes can see. To hear is to see…..

  3. funatall20s

    I am watching this in 2011 And no I am Not going to thumbs up to your
    comment I don’t care what’s wrong with those 105 people would you stop
    these comments and enjoy the fuckin music!?!?!


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