17 thoughts on “Wayne Shorter 4tet – Jazz à Vienne 2010.

  1. branevvo

    i was fortunate to have seen shorter in the seventies and that my friends
    at the time turned me on to such cool jams. yeah?

  2. Larry Gilliam

    It is great to see other comments that are positive. Wayne is the senior
    jazz player and he still blows my mind.?

  3. kenmeer livermaile

    All I know is that when I hear this group play, I am glad to be alive. I
    feel emboldened, uplifted, yet daunted and opposed: it’s rife with strife
    and struggle.

    But it embraces the headlong wind and tacks into it with great beauty.

    Perhaps Wayne is the only musician whose contemporary work makes me feel

  4. Earl Manley

    I am guessing Brian Blade on drums, John Patitucci on bass and Danillo
    Perez on piano and the inimitable Wayne Shorter on Sax. At 80 Shorter
    still has a treasure store of music spinning in is head . Amazing….?


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