6 thoughts on “Utah Jazz-Houston Rockets 1997 Game 6

  1. rattlehead54321

    I watch this play a hundred times. That was a move and screen on Karl
    Malone and thats why Stockton was open.?

  2. Lion A

    That’s why you SHOULD NEVER compare today’s players (post Jordan’s era) to
    players from the golden age of the NBA. If I ask a young NBA fan about the
    greatest scorer in NBA history, they would never tell you Olajuwon. They
    will say Kobe for example. Yet Kobe NEVER had to go through the kind of
    defense Olajuwon had to face in his career. Just watching the beginning of
    the video, you can see Olajuwon facing constant double and triple teams and
    it was like that ALL THE TIME for most of the franchise players in this
    era. You almost NEVER NEVER EVER see CONSTANT and AGGRESSIVE double team in
    today’s NBA games for the superstars, LET ALONE triple teams. Yet these
    young kids and ESPN/TNT guys will forget Olajuwon or Malone or Drexler (in
    his prime) and will talk about Kobe, Lebron or Durant and compare those
    guys directly to Jordan himself because they see enhanced numbers. Those
    guys are unbelievable in their own right and they are the best players in
    the world today but they don’t come even close to the players from the 80’s
    and the 90’s. It’s just not the same era because there are so many huge
    differences (starting with defense) and a lot of players that are not even
    talked about in today’s mainstream media were better than Kobe, Lebron,
    Melo etc. That’s just the truth. ?

  3. Dallas Moseley

    22.8 seconds left then its 2.8 seconds left ha what the hell. Way to get
    the first 47 minutes in there but so much the last minute. ?

  4. Umut Zengin

    Barkley’s post defense weakness cost Rockets maybe a ring but i cant get
    why hakeem is standing in mid range instead of double Malone and protecting
    the rim.Ostertag was mediocre on offense right??


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