USA vs Cuba 1992 – Dream Team `s first official game

Probably the greatest collection of basketball talent ever assembled on a single team, so called ” The Dream Team ” made their first public appearance in the Tournament of Americas only months before Olympic games in Barcelona 92`.

25 thoughts on “USA vs Cuba 1992 – Dream Team `s first official game

  1. shudodevil10

    I like the way you think. I would think that if the dream team of 92′ were to go up against this years dream team, it would be something like this. If you got the 92′ dream team back into their prime somehow, let them practice and get caught up with this modern basketball, I bet they would be rather good.? Cause everyone’s gotta know that the bar is always being raised with each generation, just that the dream team set the bar real high but you know us humans, we always have to try to raise it.

  2. bd06m0030

    u are a retard no offense but I think you missed out? on around 7-8 names (Pippen, Bird, BArkley,Ewing,Robinson etc

  3. Intramorph

    Now I DO disagree with many people who grew up in the Dream Team era that the ’92 team would SLAUGHTER the new one. That’s just ridiculous. You’re not going to slaughter a team with Kobe, LBJ, Durant, etc. And yes, international basketball has grown immensely. However, there is still no doubt in my mind that the ’92 team is overall better than the ’12 team, especially basketball IQ-wise. Only difference today would be they may only win? by 25 instead of 44. :p

  4. Intramorph

    A high school team could win in ’92? There’s stuck in the past, and there’s not KNOWING your past. You’re aware that the Dream Team was assembled because the ’88 Olympic team, which was made of COLLEGE stars, got their ass kicked, right? Not even second, but THIRD place. The US was humiliated, thus the DT was assembled with the? greatest NBA athletes at the time to completely, unequivocally CRUSH the rest of the world, and they did that rather well, winning by an average of 44pts/game.

  5. drummerdude27538

    God I hate stubborn people who are stuck in the past. You could assemble a team of ultra fast superhumans that were all 15 feet tall and won every game 540 – 0 and people would still try to argue that the dream team is better. The international competition was so bad back then a high school team from america could have taken gold lol. Now the other countries have teams that are far above the level that they were in 1992 and we still rape their shit (with the? exception of spain).

  6. canibizle777

    Damn, no wonder the Dream Team was so good. None of the players were selfish, and almost every basket, came? from an assist..

  7. awark04

    I don’t think its really a fair comparison; all? of the great players on Team USA right now play similar positions. Lebron, Kobe, Anthony all have virtually identical roles. Westbrook, CP3, and Williams are great PGs but Stockton and Magic are 2 of the greatest OF ALL TIME. The Dream Team was much more balanced, mostly because they had bigs with an offensive game (something missing in general in the NBA right now).

  8. ryanwashko

    You are all really dumb…. The 2012 team is full of non-stop all-stars that are young (except a few)…. The 2012 team would beat down the 1992 Dream Team, cause the 2012 team brings other teams “Nightmares”…. LBJ, Kobe, Westbrook, Durant, Paul… The only ting they? do individually is win and all they want to do is win….. Look at the other teams before you vote. NBA players play for there respected teams no a days…. Who the Fuck was on that Cuban team… No One… End of Story

  9. flashxm1

    The current 2012 team only has about 6 HOF at? most, to compare them to the dream team is just ridiculous. For the dream team at the time, the stakes were so high it would probably be considered one of the greatest upsets in sports history had they not won gold.


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