25 thoughts on “TROMBONE SHORTY “Backatown” UK

  1. asdasghasadashdajksd

    my older brother picked trombone for his school instrument, and when i asked him why trombone and not saxophone he showed me this video. I understand.

  2. maxLeifermann

    Fantastic! I never heard of these guys, then saw an ad when looking at a Billie Holliday video, decided to check them out — amazing!

  3. FortenberryJam

    I learned this on trombone and I love walking around the band room after class playing this it’s so much fun

  4. jocee3

    With all of this talent, especially talent like this guy and others from New Orleans, I cannot believe that the best we can do is to export crap like lil’ wayne, snoop dogg and that other rapp mess around the world to rep our culture! Something is very wrong with America.


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