Trans Youth Advocate Jazz Jennings: ‘I Am Saving Lives’ | Out There | msnbc

Transgender youth advocate Jazz Jennings joins Out There to talk about her busy life, her family and friends and her upcoming TLC reality series ‘All That Jazz.’ » Subscribe to msnbc:…
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6 thoughts on “Trans Youth Advocate Jazz Jennings: ‘I Am Saving Lives’ | Out There | msnbc

  1. Jss Hi

    I ? jazz, she is just a kid, no need to be perfect jazz, we all screw up
    ! The nice people are on your side.?

  2. SelectCircle

    No wonder MSNBC is failing. You never report on any MAINSTREAM news –
    except to mock and ridicule it.

    You try only to mainstream stuff that the mainstream wants nothing to do
    with. And in so doing – you make a mockery of underground lifestyles – by
    giving them a mainstream gloss that doesn’t suit them – like lipstick on
    the proverbial pig.

    MSNBC’s logo should be a glamorous pig. And now try to sell THAT to the
    mainstream as desirable. It’s just ridiculous – as are these bizarre
    alternative lifestyles – and any attempt to mainstream them and make them
    look ordinary.

    In trying to wreck the mainstream – you’ve only wrecked the underground.
    You’ve done this work FOR us conservatives – and BETTER than we could have.
    So we thank you. : )

    Thank you for being what you are – MSNBC – a total screw-up. You’ve made a
    mockery of everyone – including your allies. And in the end – it’s your
    allies that you’ve destroyed – as your mockery has only made your
    opposition stronger.?

  3. Kyon Emerald

    What the fuck?! She’s getting a TLC show? How did I not hear of this?!
    I will watch the fuck out of that series. /Major fangasm?


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