25 thoughts on “Tommy Emmanuel – Heartbreak Hotel

  1. Ted Hoeborn

    one of the times I saw him in San Francisco he was wearing that red shirt and he said he had to get it back to WalMart in the morning…..so it could be available….:-)?

  2. olimpio50

    Man, Jimmy Hendrix used to make? love to his electric guitar. Now Tommy makes love to his acoustic guitar. No, no. Actually, on this video he’s raping his acoustic guitar…

  3. psychonosure

    dude i gave up on trying to play that shit? and settled on just buying that guitar and that red shirt.

  4. GuitaristG3

    Tommy Emmanuel is fantastic… The? best guitarist, I ever heard… I love Elvis Presley too, but this song is much better in Tommy’s style :)

  5. UNKNOWNx2514x

    i seriously hope you are joking… otherwise, i would have to report you to the OGMMD, Opposers of Great Music Must Die, the JBFK Justin Bieber? Fan Killers, and the PWPFUS, the People With Painfully Fucked Up Sensibilities.

  6. bookshawscriven

    This is nothing more than guitar abuse at its most blatent. I must report this to the ETG, Ethical Treatment? of Guitars.

  7. JK60651

    Some? hardcore guitar abuse in there… I wouldn’t even dare to bend my guitar like that. But nevertheless an absolutely stunning performance. I’m so glad I’m going to see Tommy in two weeks!

  8. ichi6417isaberi

    Prove ! ? Impossible ! Nobody can play like him ! He is unique.
    It’s with hard work he became what he is. Little by? Little.
    Even if are other Graet guitarists. Tommy is TOMMY. Unique.

  9. ichi6417isaberi

    I don’t understand ten people think can better playing ?
    And he’s so great singer? too !!!


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