25 thoughts on “THELONIOUS MONK – Blue Monk

  1. psyoptica

    Monk is the epitome of a “thinking out loud” musician. He has musical Tourette’s Syndrome, and? that’s a good thing.

  2. willieluncheonette

    This is one of Monk’s most famous compositions. Since you seem to like it I would suggest you listen to a few other versions. All are on utube. Start with the original version, over? seven minutes long, on the Prestige album Thelonious Monk Trio. Then try the solo piano shorter version on the Alone In San Francisco album. Then let’s open it up with other soloists. Try the Carnegie Hall concert with Coltrane and The Jazz Messengers With Monk album with Bill Hardman and Johnny Griffin. MONK=KNOW

  3. Hyuuga

    i would dismiss this as quackery if he wasn’t concentrating so hard and using a recognisable level of percussion like technique…i used? to do the same thing at my desk in school

  4. bossface009

    this whole concert is amazing, it’s part of a collection of jazz DVDs called the Jazz Icon collection. All of those DVDs are amazing, espicially the jazz messengers and this concert, with Monk. ?

  5. MusicOf1000SOULS

    I love how thelonious hit? the keys, is a lik a child playing with the piano, this is great, great musician doing great things.

  6. 0live0wire0

    you’re obviously not into jazz (and never will be by the looks of it, Death waltz seriously?), so why even bother writing critical comments on something you don’t? understand at all. I know it’s your opinion but you’re just embarrassing yourself while discrediting some of the greatest musicians of the last hundred years. What’s next, going to a Mozart video and writing how intolerable and soft his music is?

  7. Methusabel

    Why did I watch this? For that I didn’t think it would suck everything from everywhere at the same time.
    @whizz Truly, one may not need a 20 piece kit to be good. However, this is not an even moderately acceptable educational video.? This isn’t even any level of good – this isn’t even soft music; it’s just soft. Also terrible. Qualifier; that is my opinion. It is correct.
    In conclusion; I can tolerate the saxophone player but none of the others. Especially not the pianist. Try the Death Waltz.

  8. whiizz

    All those idiot drummers out there that feel that good drumming is about having a 20 piece kit and making? a load of noise should watch this and get educated

  9. chart3

    A true jazz scientist and music innovator….? One of my all-time favorites… misunderstood for so long until he finally broke through


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