21 thoughts on “Thelonious Monk – Bemsha Swing

  1. allen6924

    God I LOVE THIS !!!! My man MONK! composer and pianist everyone? here is a legend my god the talent is just insane!

  2. jordanaug81

    Its interesting to see comments by intelligent listeners of great jazz here and good music compared to 99% of youtube videos. Theres no bitching and no adolescent trash talk, we? have found civilization at last!

  3. jimdivax

    I trust the ‘Peppers’ did? it as a bit of an homage to Monk…or heaven forfend they simply stole it!

  4. pineappaloupe

    holy shit i am a big rhcp fan (from before fusciante? returned) and i never even noticed. and ive been listening to monk for a decade…. wow.

  5. baxterilion

    Max Roach? is such an amazing drummer, both in terms of skill and creativity. How the hell did he play both set and timpani at the same time?

  6. KillinFloorNYC

    Simple yet Sophisticated, Bizarre and Brilliant, Monk is one of the most? unique composers and pianists of the 20th century.


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