THE CRUSADERS – Street Life (Samples)

The Crusaders Album: Street Life Label: MCA Year: 1979 Side 1 1 Street Life – 11:15 2 My Lady – 6:43 Side 2 1 Rodeo Drive (High Steppin) – 4:21 2 Carnival Of The Night – 6:22 3 The Hustler – 5:25 4 Night Faces – 5:10

25 thoughts on “THE CRUSADERS – Street Life (Samples)

  1. JennyBfrmLA

    @MrsDiamondears yes it is!!!! i mean damn, what planet did these people come from. so smooth and funky!!!!

  2. TheWarpedVinyl

    Yesterday was the 29th anniversary since you passed,
    I remember this was one of your favorites.
    Im playing it for you dear bro, rest in peace.

  3. micljnes

    No disrespect ‘DIG’ but I don’t know how you resisted the temptation to play the sax solo in ‘streetlife’ as it’s the most iconic sax solo ever in the history of music. Good post all the same. peace

  4. ride2york

    I have this very album in the loft. It will be one of the first played on my new turntable to transfer to USB stick. Long live vinyl.

  5. daydreamproducties

    Dude, i love you man (L) hahaha.
    this is what i need, some good sample music..
    without crate diggin’! haha, bigg up from holland!

  6. getdealtwithquick

    Thanks for posting this, I’d only listened to their Street Life performance before. The rich and thick electric piano simply blows me away, great sound.


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