20 thoughts on “The Best Relaxing Jazz – Brian Culbertson

  1. yun ta tang

    Thank you for your time, I even use your collection as my meditation music!
    So wonderful and powerful ! For more meditation info, welcome to yun ta
    tang channel!

  2. CannibalizedSociety

    Brian you are without a doubt the MAN> What ever I need I can find it in
    your music. I think I’m in love with your mind and your music.

  3. Mlungisi Poswa

    Wow, so much of the wonderful things one can do while the music of this
    nature is doing its thing in the back ground, gotta get me this copy…big
    ups Brian!

  4. tommybadboyx93

    check out the live sessions of So Good / Do You Really Love Me, you’ll see
    the bass player jamming a solo that gets the whole band’s energy up

  5. Robert Wiggins

    I am a big Brian Culbertson fan. I first saw him live when he released his
    first CD, and the concert was great. Nobody thought that this wildly haired
    musician could jam like that. He put on a FANTABULOUS show! Keep up the
    great work, VLaime25. Loving the selections. I have this CD. I listen to it
    every morning to get me started. :)


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