Terrace Martin & Devi Dev talk Sex EP, Jay Leno, DJ Quik, Quincy Jones

www.hardknock.tv Exclusive in-depth interview with Devi Dev and Terrace Martin. In part 1 Terrace talks about how he got into Jazz and playing instruments at a young age, including how Jay Leno gave him a scholarship and bought him a Saxophone. Terrace talks about idolizing DJ Quik and Dr Dre growing up to now being able to work with them. Including how Snoop hooked him up with Quincy Jones to work on a Jazz Hip Hop project. Then the interview shifts into how Dev and Terrace met and how the idea for their Marvin Gaye inspired first project Here My Dear came about. From the success of that spawned their new project the SEX EP. They have worked with quite a few artists on the projects including Wiz Khalifa, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Badd Lucc, Problem, Skeme, 9th Wonder, etc. Make sure to subscribe to www.youtube.com to get our latest videos including part 2 with ?Devi Dev and Terrace Martin? next week.?

23 thoughts on “Terrace Martin & Devi Dev talk Sex EP, Jay Leno, DJ Quik, Quincy Jones

  1. shindogg

    oh ya dont wanna b judged? 2 late fo dat. ima judge ya cuz ya 2 scurred ta say da word “dik” on da internet. i cud c not doin it on tv or radio cuz ya mite b fined but dat cant happen on here so datz weak. i’z startin ta wonda who da hell dev iz cuz i thot she wuz jus a interview lady, not a singer or wuteva on pplz projects. i alwayz thot dudez name wuz terrance martin, but its terrace? w/out da ‘n’. neva herd nutn he did bfo but i read bout him. nope i lyk vulga songs. clean shit sux ass ta me

  2. YAHOO872

    all this love by debarge on that horn reognize that? song anywhere….and more debarge a dream(i aint mad at ‘cha) cant stay away 4rm ’em

  3. madgame1000

    Keepin it real : ok cool I can crack girls &? play the horn HAHA ladies, u just got a glimpse of the real mind of (most) men.

  4. awwwready78

    Great interview. but that wasn’t Latoiya Williams. Michelle is not seeing? Latoiya on the vocals! lol


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