25 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride And Joy (Montreux ’82)

  1. calicopark

    love me some Stevie so much but he is so coked up, it just hurts to watch, he sounds good just fell bad he didn’t have much life left after he got sober. SRV a national treasure

  2. PinkStrauss

    Out of 297 thousand; 8 people actually managed to install their screen upside down, make their way to this video, watch it upside down without noticing (lol) and then click what they thought was the thumbs up button.

  3. RyanSchachter1

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  4. Metal8Lover

    @rchave yeah it really is old time metal why i say this because you for real need talent to play a guitar or bass etc

  5. ProfsrJones


    I caught Stevie at the Hampton Jazz Festival in 1985. It was mostly a R&B/Funk lineup and it was clear that most of the audience was there to see Jeffrey Osborne. By the time Stevie came on, last and very late, the entire Coliseum had emptied out to about 200 people. We all came down to the front and Stevie sat down at the front of the stage and talked with us and jammed until the lights came on and the cops came out and told him he had to stop. Truly an incredible night!

  6. rchave

    It’s not even slightly, in any way, even begininning to be metal. That comment’s like seeing a beautifuly cooked steak and comparing it to a piece of dog shit. Thought music like this could cure people of liking metal.

  7. TheDarkyouth28

    Most of the music produced nowadays is manufactured shit and should be burned. its AWFUL!!! the truth is, music is dead, and when I listen to SRV, Hendrix, Wes Montgomery, Clapton, Led Zeppelin, I suddenly realize, real music died 20 years ago IMHO. Ok, some of today’s pop music is kinda catchy, but most of it FUCKING CRAP!!! Stevie Ray Vaughan, may you rest in peace, cos’ you are sorely missed!!!


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