steely dan’s plush tv jazz-rock party vhs rip full concert

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  1. john polete

    Ok 1 more! Anyone here that thinks Steely Dan is timeless, phenom., and 1
    of the best and versatile jazz/rock/pop bands of all time then I agree with
    you! How could I not! I’m personally a musician! Another example is Toto!
    Their in the same ballpark or mold as far as musicianship as Steely Dan,
    especially when Jeff Porcaro was still w/ us all! All of Toto used to all
    be Top LA studio musicians! Who do ya think Becker and Fagan use! That type
    of great and knowledgable players, lots from LA! Check out “Toto’s” Live in
    Amsterdam concert in 2008 I think, and OMG talk about hot shit! Especially
    Luke! What a guitarist/vocalist/Producer/songwriter and great showman! And
    their all super great guys as well! No egos! Simon Phillips fills in nicely
    for Jeff on drums though! Now their bassist Mike Porcaro is very ill! :>(
    Say a prayer for him ok! Such a good guy man and you just won’t find a more
    solid bassist anywhere! I heard thru a grapevine they were finally callin
    it a day. I sure hope not because I really like em a whole lot! They
    started in 1975 or 76 I think. I saw em in 1977 and they were about 1,000
    x’s better than I expected and have been a fan ever since and thats what,
    37 yrs ago! Luke’s still comin out w/ killer solo albums so check them out
    too! Plus Luke’s been touring with The Ringo Starr All-Starr Band! Ringo
    always hires nothing but the best players man! Gregg Bissonette is the
    other drummer! Ringo’s bands are always different but how can ya not like
    Ringo? McCartney’s gotta hellova band too these days. Been together at
    least 5 yrs now w/ same personnel so yeah, their wayyy tight! A lotta that
    Beatles stuff is tricky to do live but I’ve seen em about 10 x’s now and
    still havent even heard a mistake! Oh and the other thing I wanted to say
    is, anyone that doesn’t like Steely Dan and badmouths them, should never
    talk about music ever again! Peace?

  2. epicfluffingfail

    Listening to Steely Dan led me to discover jazz. Had a cousin who was a
    musician (bassist) and this was his his fav band. I couldn’t understand
    why this was his favorite band at first. The more I listened, the more I
    understood :D?

  3. probrojeffro

    This is music. What we have now is greatly programmed slop. Almost anyone
    who can carry a tune can make it these days, sans any musical skills of
    merit. The Dan has great chops. Most of their studio recordings are true
    gems. Great song writers with great musicians playing great music. This
    stuff lingers and lasts, not like so much of the transient confectionery
    pop claptrap of today. The Dan. ?

  4. Jay T

    Absolutely loved it! What classic jams! Glad I found this vid… Made a
    great Christmas eve treat for me. Have most of their albums on cd and used
    to wear ’em out practically. Probably have almost as many of their cd’s as
    I do Petra cd’s. Second most of any one band. Still think Donald Fegan is
    pretty ugly though but the girls in there more than made up for it. Great
    ending too with Pretzel Logic… what an awesome song! Rock on people!
    Jesus is the Reason for the Season & the rock of ages! God’s love came down
    to save us all. What a Gift of love for all who will accept him as Saviour
    from their sins and Lord of their life. (which He gave us all in the first
    place – so it is really His anyway already). Give it back to Him in total
    surrender and trust and He will give you life everlasting and joy
    unspeakable. (Heaven’s gonna rock even better!)?

  5. Deb W

    Had the pleasure of seeing them play live a few times . Anyone who
    loves the Blues should attend as Becker loves original jazz tunes .
    Fagen does all the talking it seems . It’s trippy to see who joins
    them on stage !! Good times ! ?

  6. Sonny Cannon

    Arguably,, Steely Dan is the most unique band in existence! They are so
    recognizable, and so, ACCEPTABLY recognizable, meaning virtually everyone
    who hears them likes them! Their writing style is so “multi-versed”, you
    can not put a label on them! They always incorporate pop, rock, funk, jazz,
    and even write in “dual keys”, which automatically makes the listener take
    notice, both emotionally, and intellectually! Their songs are all very
    unique,, but at the same time,, very “Steely-Dan” familiar!?

  7. Johnny Wilson

    I recently compiled a list of my top 100 artists of all time, including all
    genres and all eras………Porcupine Tree tops the list, followed by (in
    order) Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Opeth, James Gang/Joe Walsh,
    Rory Gallagher, the Who, Crosby, Stills & Nash and No-Man in my top 10.
    The next 10 includes Van Morrison, the Allman Brothers, Jimi, Dylan,
    Kansas, Uriah Heep, Catherine Wheel, Vic Chesnutt, Springsteen and
    Traffic/Winwood. The Dave Matthews Band begins the next 10, followed by
    Widespread Panic, Riverside/Lunatic Soul, Deep Purple, Sparklehorse, the
    Doors, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, the Pineapple Thief and coming in at No. 30,
    Steely Dan.
    Long live the Dan!!!!!
    Thanks for uploading this documentary, lovescry! Good stuff!!?

  8. lovescry

    Wow. A ton of views and comments. Glad to see I’m not the only one who
    realize the greatness of the Dan ! :)?

  9. extremadrummer

    I`ll never have enough of Peg !
    In spite of that the guitar solo is not played as Jay Graydon did in the
    studio version.?

  10. Boddissatva

    Saw them live the first time in 94 Poplar Creek, Ill. Heard them in junior
    high school and their music woke up a chord in my head that has never shut
    off. Greatest sounds ever?

  11. wrathalosaurus

    My goal in life is for me to eventually come to a point where I can afford
    a nice house with a neighbor like Walter, who jams jazz in his basement at
    3 in the morning at an absurd volume with his buddy Donald who always
    brings the dankness and smokes up the cool hood doods. They have hilarious
    and intelligent banter. Its sort of like i have, what the bass player
    refers to as the need for ‘The Binkey’. Oh… and a hooker with the heart
    of gold would be there too (not for everyone’s pleasure though, she doesn’t
    get around like that.)

    I felt compelled to be a stenographer for the priceless interview in the
    limo between the hawt backup singers and the geniuses. It went something
    like this, starting at 1:11:04

    The New Chivalry:
    Walter: ‘Question 25: What is the Steely Dan policy about intra-band
    Backup singer: ‘as opposed to contraband dating.’
    Walter: ‘Yea, or extra band dating. extra band dating is out. And um…
    intra-band dating is in.’ Backup singer: ‘no dating any extra bands.’
    Donald: ‘Well didn’t we have uhh… We had a had a little memo about that
    in website.i believe, in ’96’. Backup singer: ‘I’ve seen that….’
    Walter: ‘Yea Its under the uh…. Yea I think we called it The New
    Chivalry”. It was essentially an attempt to reinvigorate, put some romance
    back in the touring process, for Us.’
    Donald: ‘there were some, ya know, some disciplinary measures in case some
    of the other band members you know, over…. you know sort of crossed the
    line, ya know.’
    Walter: ‘No eye contact with the backup singers, stuff like that.’
    Donald: ‘i dont think they were allowed to speak to them either.’
    Walter: ‘well certainly not…’

    And to top it off this hilarious banter is followed by the catchiest Fender
    Rhodes motif ever in one of the best songs of the performance: Jack Of

  12. FlyingGuySFO

    IMHO – This is *the* best incarnation of the live lineup of SD. Everything
    was just spot on. The Horns, The Bass, Drums and the absolutely *perfect*
    backup singers.


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