25 thoughts on “Stan Getz Performs Wave – Copenhagen 1970s

  1. lastknowngood0

    Stanley doing Jobim’s Masterpiece one of my favorite tune’s by my favorite Tenor Sax Artist in Wonderful Copenhagen! Dude it doesn’t get much better than that! Kudos to those that make this possible to view. Thanks so very much

  2. MrAlaska67329

    he is obviously one of the greateswt tenor sax players to ever live, but he has a bad case of the squeaks in this performance

  3. SchuMuWeimar

    Is there a date, when the concert was, and what concert is this? I write a transcription of the sax for a homework in jazz studies of my collage of music.

  4. diegoescolochog

    There is actually a recording.
    I am not sure if the info is right but the file says:
    Stan Getz and Antonio Carlos
    Album: Their Greates Hits”


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