19 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge 2009 [HD]

  1. Brony Bronington

    Whoever made this wonderful Smooth Jazz music. Bless you, you are an
    amazing Musician. This is so relaxing, I listen to this same video when I’m
    stressed. Musical genius right here.?

  2. Tommy de León

    Thank you so much for posting the individual tittles and artist, I am very
    demanding when it comes to music and that way i can find my favorite one by
    one, thank for the awesome soudn quality, I dowloaded it at 720rpm…?

  3. Tupac Amaru Shakur

    I think of sitting in a fancy Penthouse suite at night and just watching
    the city life out of my huge panorama window while this music is playing.?


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