25 thoughts on “Smooth Jazz Backing Track (cm)

  1. Zacharie Etienne

    Just my opinion, the first 4 bars are definately Cm, then when it plays
    Am7b5 thats a dorian mode influence so play C dorian and when it plays
    D7#9, thats either blues oriented or a lead into Gm so for that bar play G
    m or possibly D blues scale. Then the rest is all C minor. Hope this helps
    (I havent actually tried playing this is just from looking at the chords, i
    may be wrong!)?

  2. Garfield Lawrence

    Great but it needs a bridge. It just keep going on and on and on and

  3. Grampz stillkickin

    Very nice excellent music and the tabs are an added bonus to us new to music
    Thank you Thank you?

  4. Darin Warren

    Sounds great noodling in Cm AND Gm over this. I get the Cm, but don’t get
    why Gm works as well. Argh.?

  5. Leonid Dorf

    Hey Sergey. Thanks for the track! Here is a little jazzy ballad I’ve
    recorded with it – check it out:
    “The Song of the Nebula” 2014 – original ballad (using youtube backing


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