25 thoughts on “SMOOTH CHILL OUT JAZZ

  1. andrewdrury1

    @BlueBurryPimp Imagine that, only in slow motion, and every single sound of the piece explodes in your mind and creates images of crazy stuff you’d never imagine. Imagine appreciating this to its full extent, laying back and being more satisfied than you ever have been. That’s what it feels like.

  2. dabbiii

    I’ve listened to thins song for almost 2 years, and when I think about it Smooth Chill Out Jazz is one of the best songs ever.

    I think Mozart opinnion on this song would be something like; ‘Damn this song is just as good as mine’.

  3. BlueBurryPimp

    I’m not allowed to smoke weed but when I close my eyes and listen to this song this is what I imagine it feels like.

  4. bigfatdick5000

    i finished reading and cramming a 600 page book today because i had to.

    and this is the most *chilled* out jazz music i could find here to release the tension in my mind.

  5. imanubjenkins

    @geterdonein01 Nice weather channel ^^ To bad its raining and a possibility of severe thunder storms :(

  6. geterdonein01

    “For tonight, mostly cloudy. Low, 48. Winds south, southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. Chance of rain, 30%. And on Sunday, partly cloudy. High, 59. Winds south at 10 to 15 miles per hour. And Sunday night, clear to partly cloudy skies. Low 44. Winds light and variable. The week ahead! “

  7. MichelDeNoir

    O.k this is top. Sounds dirty and dope. Check out my efforts to compose and orchestrate some strange jazz sounding thing.


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