See The Real Me – Jazz: Being Your True Self | Clean & Clear

Although middle school was hard for Jazz, her experiences haven’t stopped her from wanting to show the world her true self. Jazz knew from day one who she really was – a girl trapped in…
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19 thoughts on “See The Real Me – Jazz: Being Your True Self | Clean & Clear

  1. reneehunter56

    This is very beautiful and I want to tank clean and clear for being one of
    the first big companies to recognize our trans community? it means so much
    to a lot of people and Jazz is a beautiful girl who represents well? very
    touching? and too anyone who has a negative comment this is just a kid so
    leave her alone u bullies! She’s getting her coins what are you doing
    besides on a computer? Lol ?

  2. frozenfeather13

    You know what I hate about this campaign? It’s the fact that a company who
    is selling a BEAUTY PRODUCT is advertising NATURAL BEAUTY. Using chemicals
    to alter your complexion is NOT NATURAL! Your company is sending the
    message that people need to use your product to be beautiful. Not other
    products, just yours. More and more I’m really unimpressed with Clean &
    Clear. I don’t support your views, I don’t support your campaigns, and I
    don’t buy your products.?

  3. RxMExS

    :) I’m FtM and I’m so happy this commercial is playing on youtube and
    hopefully on tv. I love that large companies like clean &clear are raising
    awareness. and im just so happy when i see this… I hate having
    commercials in the middle of my youtube video but when this came on i just
    had to comment… Thank you?

  4. Stacey Heighes

    What a beautiful young lady. I’m so happy that she was able to open up and
    put herself out there to be loved as she should be! Continue on your path
    sweetie, you will do great things. Scroll right on past the negativity
    sweetie and if by chance you do stop to entertain the negativity let it be
    your greatest motivator. You are worthy and you are greatness ?????

  5. Ashera Star Goddess

    If my child told me she was a male trapped in a female’s body, I don’t
    think It would matter to me, I would always love my child… and support my
    child… I would only be sad because of the world would be a much more
    cruel place to her . ?

  6. Joey Universe

    You know what
    I take back about this giving me hope
    Cause seeing the comments on this and people still being disrespectful to
    people like me is the reason why so many transgenders are depressed
    You need to face the fact you were put here for a purpose
    and if it means going from either; Male to female
    or in my case Female to Male then so be it
    If this was considered a “sin” then how come so many good out comes have
    came out of the fights and struggles many transgenders have put
    We have felt this ever since we were born, it’s not a choice, and if it was
    I’m pretty sure I would be sitting here typing the opposite of what I am now
    Quit being so childish and let us live our lives
    I wouldn’t hurt a fly, I’d rather spill my heart out then physically hurt
    someone for my rights
    It hurts me to know people I’d rather be friends with or even neighbors
    with hate me and would love to have me dead
    I don’t have a problem with anyone’s; Race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc
    As long as you respect me as a human being not a “it” or a “thing”
    But as a human being like we all so are?

  7. Emily Ross

    YES YES YES. SO many props to clean and clear for taking this HUGE step is
    representing our transgender youth and showing what is TRUELY MEANS to be a
    girl. <3?

  8. Jonas Mayes

    this was beautiful, excuse me while i cry like a baby because this was
    literally just what i needed?

  9. Alexis Venegas

    Wait, what does she mean by she’s a girl trapped in a boys body she talks
    like a girl she has long hair and the u know what so what does she mean??

  10. MAK Dance Club

    when people say things like, “She’s still a boy or why did they choose a
    boy to play this part?” You’re choosing to disrespect the information that
    she willingly gave up. She doesn’t have to share her transgender background
    because anybody looking at her wouldn’t think twice that she’s a girl. At
    this point, people are willfully choosing to disrespect her own testimony
    of then to shame her now. #imagodei ?

  11. Wesley da Silva

    No better feeling than waking up with a great story being told in front of
    your eyes. Such a gorgeous girl!?

  12. smartcheeks867

    All these big paragraph comments man… Really I thought it was a cool
    commercial, it’s positive message shows you not to be afraid of what people
    think of you and be who you are. ????

    Proactive is still better though.?????


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