Sanford and Son – The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection 2-3

Following the advice of his son Lamont, Fred donates a collection of rare jazz albums to a music library in order to get a tax write-off, but he wants them back when he finds they are valued at $500.

25 thoughts on “Sanford and Son – The Blind Mellow Jelly Collection 2-3

  1. weewaa101

    @405Cowboy Only white, heterosexual males between the ages of 18 and 65, are permitted to be offended in this society.

  2. DominusLuna

    Lamont is an @55H*le for making Fred sell his nostalgic records and memories. Fred should cut Lamont’s nuts off.

  3. DaddyDuke72

    This that SHIT right here!!!!! I think I’ve seen all of the Sanford and Son episodes, but this was one of my FAVORITES!!!! Peep how Lamont got all ‘proper’ at 1:01.

  4. 405Cowboy

    I hate how TV land butchers these episodes. The part where Fred tells the librarian that when he was a kid, librarians were always women is taken out of the TV Land episodes.

  5. Boogers4dinner

    “Hey “Pop” is my breakfast ready?” LOL Me saying: Hell naw, make your own damn breakfast, you’re a grown ass man! LOL It’s funny how things have changed over the years. Imagine a grown ass man today asking anyone Man or Woman “Is my breakfast ready?” They pretty much would get cussed out. LOL :)


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