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25 thoughts on “Rob Talbert, Black Ops and Trailer Vault – 11/13/10

  1. SPARTAIN088

    Seriously? You take Halo 0.5 away because nothing in the graphics fucking ASTONISHED you, or did they just refuse to suck your greecy cock! CoD? runs on a greatly inferior graphics engine than Halo so you should have taken like 1.0 just for that. And not to mention the OTHER things. I’ll have to take over the whole comment section to list all the issues.

  2. orccaptainhuggy

    I hope they do a video that has Time splitters in it, like about how great 1,2 and 3 was and there might be a TS4 :o?

  3. MrGodOfWarful

    *girl cries and knocks the door*
    *bro opens? the door and asks the girl come in*
    Bro:What happened?
    Girl:my boyfriend dumped me!
    Bro:what, why?
    Girl: i broke hes BlackOps cd

  4. lalagushoru123

    nice video, can u look at my black ops montage i took alot effort and time into it? and itll be nice if u look and thumbs up and review it ty (: /watch?v=Ee27QT8qrao

  5. damondog96

    @HardCoreRoflers I believe that I am also entitled to? my opinion and my opinion is that he is an idiot, if your going to be dictating who should and shouldnt be on youtube, PSN, or XBL, then you should practice what you preach and go back to your little hardcore rofler world

  6. damondog96

    @HardCoreRoflers Im also entitled to my opinion which is that he is an idiot,? if ur going to dictate who should and shouldnt have access to any of these places, I suggest u practice what you preach

  7. damondog96

    @HardCoreRoflers Im entitled to my oppinion and my opinion is that he is an idiot and if ur gonna be talking about who should and shouldnt be allowed on youtube, PSN, or XBL? then you really shouldnt be talking


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