25 thoughts on “Remember Shakti: Giriras Sudha

  1. schopenhauersring

    U Srinivas is the dude! What a performance, what accompaniment. You sir, are inspiration. I keep coming back to this video – have probably seen it a hundred times or more.

  2. quistunes

    Always amazing musicians, but I don’t think the camera person understood the music. One example (of many): Shrinivas was playing amazing stuff & the camera was everywhere but his incredible hands playing beautifully.

  3. vaietc

    I’ve noticed I cannot keep my head at all still when this song plays. Its like one of those magical tunes (for want of a better word) which makes your head move at least a little bit, even when I’m in public and trying really hard not to. And I love Ustad Zakir Hussain’s expression as they get right into the most delicate sections of the song – a godly song by a godly band!

  4. MsTracie

    I am not Indian and nor do I speak Hindi or any of the ethnic languages of South Asia but I feel bliss and contentment when I listen to this. Makes me hum. Simple and clean. You can feel an african feel to this, as well. Thanks for posting!

  5. rastababyvy

    what ‘s the name of this concert … I want to download it and if you know others concerts’ name , can you give it to me ??!! thanks

  6. MrGreatTamil

    Dear bazonics
    did you watched the same song at
    Giriraj Sudha (Remember Shakti) posted by
    Jazzical28 on youtube?
    the same song in different style by our angels
    pure bliss


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