Portal 2 – Insane Cube Tricks (Part Two)

Portal 2 – Insane Cube Tricks (Part Two) PLEASE READ Thanks for the overwhelming response to Part One, i had literally zero subscriptions before that video, so it means a lot. Extra special thanks to the people who sent the video to Joystiq and Kotaku and other gaming sites and those sites for posting it (Michael at Kotaku is a legend for picking it up so early and posting this one too!) OK, onto Part Two. Carrying on the tradition of attempting a cube trick in every room, i burned through the game quite quickly as there are a lot of backroom cube and buttonless segments in the middle section. I nailed some pretty epic tricks though, so i hope you enjoy them. The gels in particular were a lot of fun. Chapter 8 is chock full of cubes and buttons so part three will be pretty special, and co-op is going to be a lot of fun too. The ‘Smooth Jazz’ from Portal 2 is called ‘Offering’ by Larry Stephens. You can download it here; www.cdbaby.com Please support his awesome music. The Chamber 10 tricks are based on the routes used in Tautudels and Transgenic86’s speedruns. I have modified them for cube tricks rather than speed, so they are quite different. But credit to them for the inspiration. Visit their channels if you haven’t already; www.youtube.com www.youtube.com They are the best two portal players on the internets.

25 thoughts on “Portal 2 – Insane Cube Tricks (Part Two)

  1. vsavoldi

    just wow,
    nothing but wow.

    Oh I will add amazing for using a? controller – not mouse..
    I do wonder how many hours you have played just tossing cubes…


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