Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: Parisian Summer (2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music)

Piano jazz and jazz piano – Parisian Summer – 2 hours of the best smooth jazz piano music. FREE DOWNLOAD of track ‘Chloé’ here: http://www.reverbnation.com/lewisluong/song/22222523-chlo …

23 thoughts on “Piano Jazz & Jazz Piano: Parisian Summer (2 Hours of Best Smooth Jazz Piano Music)

  1. LewisLuong Relaxation Cafe

    Hi friends, joyful piano melodies flowing within quaint vibraphone rhythms
    and walking double bass lines convey an air of optimism in my new album
    titled ‘Parisian Summer’. I hope you like it and share it with your
    friends. http://youtu.be/LzGKjhCSKHA #smoothjazz #pianojazz #jazzpiano
    #pianomusic #jazz #jazzmusic ?

  2. Hardtop Harry

    What part of Oz are you from. I’m a pianist from Coffs Harbour. You
    probably drop in for the Bellingen Jazz festival. Cheers?

  3. Heidi Whurr

    Awesome! This so so groovy I just want to dance! thank you so much for
    compiling this flawless masterpiece. H x?

  4. starwindocean

    Oh my, I’m so glad that I found this! You are really talented. 2Hours felt
    so short and it was a bliss! Thanks!?

  5. sadlymusic

    I believe that you are too much modest.. Because you don’t say clearly that
    are the full autho and musical performer.. It seems impossible by you
    composer.. I consider you the best musical songwriter of any time
    (remember, i told yet to be between great author in time, but only in
    romantic melodic or pop style way, almost in classic sense..I get written
    almost of my melodies, for this i may assert this..).. I can’t dowload
    because i stay in a internet point, and is funny say, do dowload i’ll spend
    much more than 10 euros (that instead i would like reser devolving for any
    artist).. I promise about you, but then i didin’ find anymore your channel
    (with more time i’ll try to find a reference..). However, i don’t like
    never do free download.. It is my personal style so doing ! Bye…?

  6. ???

    I’m newbie to piano music at all. Your music makes me pleased. fun! Your
    hands may jumps on the keyboard. great.?

  7. T.V House Historian

    This is incredibly relaxing. Great stuff to unwind with in the evening
    hours. I enjoyed it. Thank you!?


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