Patti & Artem’s Jazz – Dancing with the Stars

Patti LaBelle & Artem Chigvintsev dance a Jazz number to Patti LaBelle’s own song, “Dan Swit Me” on Dancing with the Stars’ Most Memorable Year Night. Subscribe: Watch…

21 thoughts on “Patti & Artem’s Jazz – Dancing with the Stars

  1. Joey Mannarino

    INCREDIBLE!!! The charisma from Patti is unmatched by ANY contestant – past
    or present! She just brings such JOY to the numbers! WONDERFUL!?

  2. Mac B

    I really love Patti, but this is a Dance competition. She goes on the floor
    and just kinda does your own moves (which are groovy)…with no real style
    content. The Judges are far to lenient in this regard…they real should
    speak up about that in fairness to all the Contestants who actually have
    proper content depicting the dance style they are using. However, Patti
    looks GOOD though don’t she…shes Pretty! Im not being a Hater you guys,
    just my opinion from a Viewer of the show from day 1….never missed a
    single show :)?

  3. Miss Iva

    …and the woman says she has no dancing chops. PSH.
    My favorite part is when the other contestants call her “Miss Patti”.?

  4. Winterbourne Jones

    I am actually happy that the Judges are weighing BOTH technique and
    charisma. Some of the other teams have technique but with no personality,
    “wow” affect or crowd appeal. I think that it is a fare assessment to weigh
    them both – of which Patti has a upper hand as a natural-born performer. As
    long as she continues to combine them both as she did next week, she will
    continue to SHINE.?

  5. Jeffrey Arthur Rudd

    Wow! 70 years old! Patti Labelle is incredible. I agree with you Joey. She
    is one of the best entertainers of the 20th Century! ?

  6. Kyle C

    Ah Patti! You are just terrific! You go girl! I felt like I was in New
    Orleans while watching this! Definitely the best elder star ever on DWTS
    thus far!!?

  7. arnoldtom1

    I love how the other contestants cheer so loudly for Ms. Patti. They enjoy
    watching her as much as the the audience and the judges. Also, Artem seem
    to be enjoying himself this season.?


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