Pat Metheny – The Sound Of Silence!

The track “The Sound Of Silence” (composed by Paul Simon) is taken from Pat Metheney’s fantastic new solo album “What’s It All About”, released in June 2011 by Nonesuch Records. Listen & enjoy it. This brilliant acoustic album from the legendary multiple Grammy Award-winning composer, guitarist, and leader Pat Metheny is a perfect easy listening album. After nearly 40 recordings under his name, this marks the first time there is not a single Metheny composition represented. Rather, “What’s It All About” comprises 10 classic songs, some very well known, that hold personal meanings for the guitarist. Metheny recorded the songs on “What’s It All About” late at night, in his New York City home over a short period of time. In selecting which ones to put to tape, Metheny says: “I wanted to record some of the music that was on my radar before I ever wrote a note of my own, or in a few cases, even before I played an instrument. I was born in 1954 and all of these songs were in the Top 40 during my childhood and early teen years. It was a period when harmony and melody were still important and viable elements in popular music. Every one of these tunes has something going on that is just hip on a musical level, no matter how you cut it. They have all stuck with me over the years”. Most of the record was made using the acoustic baritone guitar, with following exception: Paul Simon’s “The Sound of Silence” is played on a 42-string custom made “Pikasso” guitar which gives it a dense

25 thoughts on “Pat Metheny – The Sound Of Silence!

  1. edo801

    The only production according to the liner notes was that a microphone was place in front of Pat. If that’s over production, we wouldn’t have this? recording. Basically 1 take maybe 2. reverb is from the room if I remember correctly. And if you really hate this you should record your version, post it and let US judge how well your version of this piece is.

  2. rafaelb1026

    lol why ? Well yeah I kinda feel the same way , the guitar sounds so exagerated and over produced, totally takes away the organic free spirit of acoustic guitar , and also this arrangement sounds so corny I really can’t stand , but none the less Pat Metheny is a great guitarist and an overall great musician (that? I know very little about) even though I think his guitar gear is a really bad choice (sorry for bad english , I’m Peruvian)

  3. DreamWeaver2020

    I listen to this stuff and then llook in the mirror. How disapointing, here in my little life when Pats done so much. ?

  4. hfranke07

    It’s a new Pat, bigger, sensetive, strong, but with elements from As Falls Wichita, American Garage and more…… great? to bring the past into the present….. I love Pat and his universe…..


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