Ornette Coleman Double Quartet – Free Jazz

A collective improvisation by the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet, recorded in a single uninterrupted take on December 21, 1960 at A & R Studios, NYC |Heard o…

14 thoughts on “Ornette Coleman Double Quartet – Free Jazz

  1. Maxwell Ritter

    This is okay for like 2 seconds. But only because I thought about a cartoon
    character tripping over himself. Then I realized he was tripping for a
    really long time. He hit his head a lot too. I think he might have a
    concussion. I know I do from just sitting through this.?

  2. Jake Fettes

    This wasn’t too much on my first listen mostly because I had already
    experience Ascension by John Coltrane. If you want a real challenge, try
    Machine Gun by Peter Brötzmann. ?

  3. Robert Burgin

    On this day in 1960, the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet recorded “Free

    Ornette Coleman Double Quartet – Free Jazz?


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