Modern Jazz Quartet – Django

The Modern Jazz Quartet in all of its magnificent glory playing the famous composition “Django” written by pianist/musical director John Lewis, featuring legendary vibraharpist Milt Jackson, Percy Heath on bass, & Connie Kay on drums from the wonderfully eclectic TV show “Night Music”. The MJQ was a very cohesive group that featured great individual musicians, bending to the music and soloing with abandon. (My thanks go to RaiderEleven for this blurb)

25 thoughts on “Modern Jazz Quartet – Django

  1. scmm42

    @RyeBai That’s tape damage at the end. What can I say? I wish my? source material was in better shape. I recorded this on VHS over 20 years ago at the lowest speed to save money on tape. I had no idea I was saving it for posterity.

  2. ahaybale

    would appreciate if anyone? would watch this, we’re a young quartet, this is our first show? /watch?v=iSUyV0QCKj8 we play take five towards the end

  3. MrAlcides1611

    John Lewis and Milt Jackson were true Masters. The MJQ always plays the? best jazz ever! It is a very elaborated and sophisticated music. A must!!!


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