Mister Magic – Grover Washington, Jr. (1974)

“Mister Magic” was the successful single and title track from the fifth album of one of jazz music’s more well-known figures. Grover Washington, Jr. (December 12, 1943 — December 17, 1999) was an American jazz-funk / soul-jazz saxophonist. Along with George Benson, John Klemmer, David Sanborn, Bob James, Chuck Mangione, Herb Alpert, and Spyro Gyra, he is considered by many to be one of the founders of the smooth jazz genre. He wrote some of his material and later became an arranger and producer. Washington was born in Buffalo, New York on December 12, 1943. His mother was a church chorister, and his father was a collector of old jazz gramophone records and a saxophonist as well, so music was everywhere in the home. He grew up with the great jazzmen and big band leaders like Benny Goodman, Fletcher Henderson, and others like them. At the age of 8, with the desire for him to be more than he could be, Grover Sr. gave Jr. a saxophone. He practiced and would sneak into clubs to see famous Buffalo blues musicians. Washington left Buffalo and played with a Midwest group called the Four Clefs. He was drafted into the US Army shortly thereafter, but this was to be to his advantage, as he met drummer Billy Cobham there. Cobham, a mainstay in New York City, introduced Washington to many New York musicians. After leaving the Army, Washington freelanced his talents around New York City, eventually landing in Philadelphia in 1967. In 1970 and 1971, he appeared on Leon Spencer’s first

24 thoughts on “Mister Magic – Grover Washington, Jr. (1974)

  1. JonP1961

    Wholeheartedly agree that it’s harder to find, and of course jazz is generally used to being upstaged by many other genres. But I I do think? there’s still some really good stuff out there still being? created. Yellowjackets, Chick Corea and George Duke are some strong candidates that come to mind.Ronnie Laws is still doin’ it and I saw he’s been giggin’ recently. Also check out the archive from the recent International Jazz (April) at jazzday . com/videos/

  2. ryanneglect

    you’re negative comments sadden me. amy was an amazing artist. because of her i recognize this song now and? am able to love and appreciate it. amy winehouse was a beautiful talent. judge not.. have you even heard her version of this song? it fuckin rocks man.

  3. MSE. Dzirasa

    Your words are full of wisdom… music is soulless and dead? these days….this is eternal!!!

  4. paulfleishersax

    When Image replaces Substance? and the heart disconnects, then Music fades away.
    However, there are still many birds with songs to sing for those who want to hear.

  5. heartheus

    Lol chill bro. Different people, different taste.

    Thanks to Amy though, for bringing more people to this type of music. At least that’s the? case for me 😉

  6. Gary Kelly

    Grover, Benson and the Crusaders? almost made REAL Jazz mainstream; notice I said REAL Jazz. There is a lot of commercial fusion junk that is passed off as jazz.

  7. WuvD

    IMa gonna throw up—-someone mentioned the late GREAT Grover in the same sentence as that train wreck Amy Whinehouse? -YOU DONT KNOW anything about music –good music /musicianship if you like both of those folks—it simply isnt possible.! ..and ? she wasnt worthy enough to wipe the sweat off him after he thrilled his fans with yet another dazzling show. So many great memories go along with music—PLEASE dont ever mention those 2again togethr

  8. teambasics

    Out of all the jazz i have heard, I think this one is one of the best i have heard. This music defines so much and i wish people today? could listen to it the way i am listening to it

  9. TheYogurtMan62

    I was sitting in the car while my dad was drivin me? home from soccer practice and this song came on…im only 11 and i love this guy!

  10. Quamby1

    Amy wrote the lyrics after many yrs, like us, being bang into Grover’s musician….they both brought? joy to our musical worlds. may they RIP!


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