25 thoughts on “Miles Davis – So What

  1. Kinlow54

    Best song every written and ever performed. It does not make any difference what kind of music you prefer, you have to love this tune!!!! So What is Timeless!! I Listen to it at least once a week throughout the year!!!!

  2. frend441

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  3. SeerTrulth

    I don’t know if any of you all noticed this, but at about 3:20, when John is completely informing us, the background boys in the band ARE ALL ON THAT SHIT. John is more than we can stand.

  4. 55WARHAWK

    Quit hatin everyone. Acid jazz is a genre that was new at this time and you all supported through all the criticism it received i see and now you are putting fans of rap through the same. You should feel close to rap music since it is a new genre trying to expand and grow just as acid jazz once was. I’m a guitarist and beat producer and i love both types of music and any other music there is. Don’t judge. Thanks

  5. Shady9696

    @otakuchick89 In jazz you feel the music first then play it, reading notes from a tab would really kill the music.

  6. milessinatra

    Coltrane does NOT play the sax….. he makes love to it ! Look at the video…. pure oneness with that instrument… and the melodies in his labido that NO one can duplicate…… no one.

    Did you see how Miles and others stand back and look in awe….? 3:37 min. !!!!

    Bravo… Coltrane, Miles got the credit…. Coltrane was the genius.

  7. evalex71

    @garayaf14 Wynton Kelly, piano; Paul Chambers, bass; Jimmy Cobb, drums; John Coltrane, tenor sax; Miles Davis, trumpet.

  8. TheGrahamDillon

    Sad thing is these view numbers are probably wrong. I bet this originally had over 1m views but Vevo changed that. They want to push their shitty rap/hip hop to dumb down new generations.

  9. otakuchick89

    Time to transcribe an AC/DC solo = 1-2 hours
    Time to transcribe this (by jazz standards) simple solo = 2 hours for first 20 seconds.


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