25 thoughts on “Miles Davis – Cool Jazz

  1. Infinitas8

    @Falcrist That would be correct if Miles Davis hadn’t been an innvator of jazz and one of the leaders of the cool jazz, 3rd stream, and modal jazz eras…just to name a few…

  2. Falcrist

    “Someday,i wanna see the future music stars,play like the old guys.”
    Nah. I’d rather see future music stars playing something new. Miles wasn’t great because he played like those that came before.

  3. allforch17

    sometimes it is best if yt had a like button and if anyone dosen’t like it, they can skip it in order to save some of these videos.

  4. 123clanger

    i walked in the valley of the shadows of the skyscrappers, hear Miles and feel all is cool, cold and magical,

  5. dpc1956

    Miles was the cool darkness just before the first light dawn. Easing the gritty new day into the naked city.

  6. karol88masta

    @shortizahn no every people who like jazz and Miles Davis must like this song.. so EASY man!

  7. AudacesKyte

    Someday,i wanna see the future music stars,play like the old guys.
    Someday,i wanna see my children hear music,and not media sale stuff.
    Someday,i wanna smile while watching a performance like the old ones,pure improvisation.
    i guess i’l just have to wait for this someday to come,until then,i hear’n watch youtube.

  8. koalaxbearr

    can’t i listening to a miles davis song without runing into the usual number of dislikes/justin beiber referances

  9. darktoonlink13

    I’m fourteen, and in love with jazz. I randomly had a craving to listen to it when I got home from school today, and DAMN, was it a good thing. Where has this been all my life?!
    It just makes me so chill. It’s amazing


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