24 thoughts on “Miles Davis – Autumn Leaves – 1964

  1. Rexicano

    maybe stick to songs for children…jazz aint for everyone; it’s better than that. God forbid that there would be any sophisticated music that you? “don’t get”. Better stay away from the Museum of Modern Art in New York too, you’ll have a real fit there too.

  2. pancakeboy12

    At least you show respect, most others if? they don’t like the music they’ll just call it shit.

  3. colourfulwithaU

    That’s not to say you’re wrong not to like this, just that the criticisms you’ve made? here are meaningless and invalid…

  4. colourfulwithaU

    I’m not sure what you mean by ‘non-structured’. Three out of the five tunes (excepting ‘Blue in Green’ and ‘Flamenco Sketches’, neither of which are by any means? ‘unstructured’) on the record have really standard forms (AABA on ‘So What’, and 12 bar blues on ‘Freddie’ and ‘All Blues’).

    As for ‘no melody’…that’s a meaningless phrase thrown around by people who don’t know the definition of ‘melody’ to describe music they don’t like. Sorry, try again…

  5. MusaicArt

    Props for the wonderfully appropriate and intelligent reply- this person was (as it is perhaps a rare occurrence) properly educated on how the Herbie/Miles solo lines went together. I like when those? who really know what they are talking about speak up. It’s nice to see those replies amongst the vastly inappropriate and offensive comments so often posted.

  6. montecellos1

    gutão não me canso de? ver toda hora 1º a homenagem de anivérsario de blubeck em seguida todos os outros instrumentistas,show como já conmentei antes delirante puro extase.


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