Mick Jenkins – Jazz (Official Music Video)

Mick Jenkins “Jazz” Official Music Video Produced by OnGuad Download “The Water[s]”: http://bit.ly/1oMmzAJ Purchase “Martyrs” on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1AEAVgj Watch the official “Martyrs” music…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Mick Jenkins – Jazz (Official Music Video)

  1. Ireignmothafawka

    Yall so late on this nigga, I’m glad he gaining more recognition.
    Martyrs is probably his most known song.?

  2. Kay

    This video is fucking genius! Mick Jenkins you are a mastermind. The
    Water[s] is gonna be album of the year (along with B4.Da.$$)?

  3. arsenal7117

    Could it be possible he named the mixtape The Water[s] because hes from
    Guyana and its called The Land of Many Waters??

  4. jojo

    Does someone have an idea what type of hip hop beat this is? This shit just
    makes me happy whenever I hear it.?

  5. Vaughan B

    “Most rappers these days are just actors and I can’t keep watching the same
    movie! These niggas keep sharing the same models and these models act like
    they ain’t groupies, I ain’t stupid!” It’s refreshing to hear a black
    rapper who isn’t ignorant, tired of people criticizing Hip-Hop?

  6. Revok Sixth

    Mickjen Jenkins – (Jerome) Ft Joey Bada$$ Prod By Kirk Knight cnt wait for
    that shit
    Blastoise and Charmeleon on the same track im glad Mick signed to cinematic
    so we can see more pro era and mick collabs?

  7. Bill Saber

    i know everyone has haters but with all the over saturated trap beats and
    all and pop on the radio how can you dislike this??

  8. TheProdigalEnigma

    Dope track. Only found out about Mick a few weeks ago and I’m already a
    fan. Looking forward to the album/tape.?


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