25 thoughts on “Michel Petrucciani – Round midnight

  1. MrMarcoGipsy

    little guy with a bigest talent on earth? … so,, he bigger than this earth.. thats PowerOfJazz

  2. Bolton061a3

    grande! veramente eccezionale, musica allo stato puro!!! musica che? ti coinvolge completamente.

  3. greyfloyd

    not even the mega ultra lord master super giga screen on the new ipad? shows the red bar! that’s how good Mr. Petrucciani is

  4. neilraoufsw

    bravo! bravo! bravo! so should he rest in piece. he was like a meteor…for a shot? time, but very bright!

  5. NettyCorrea

    As a singer I recorded Round midnight too, since it is my all time favourite song, but boy, do I wish I could perform? it once with this guy, he is great!!!


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