Michael Jordan “Flu Game” – Bulls vs Jazz, 1997 Finals: Game 5

“A courageous, classic performance by the flu-ridden Michael Jordan.” — Marv Albert Fighting the flu and the rejuvenated Jazz, Michael Jordan put in one of his greatest games ever. Struggling even to stand at times, Jordan scored 38 points to will his team to a 90-88 win over Utah in game 5 of the 1997 Finals. There’s not too much that can be said about what Jordan did in this game. One can really only watch and marvel at that man’s will to succeed.

25 thoughts on “Michael Jordan “Flu Game” – Bulls vs Jazz, 1997 Finals: Game 5

  1. shaq430

    @WaxHeadroom smfh…. no need to bring lebron into this… this has nothing to do with him.. you bashed lebron enough on espn calm down…

  2. ATLchucktaylor90

    Here’s what I think: Any video posted on this website dedicated to Michael ‘Air’ Jeffrey Jordan and his game should NOT, I repeat, SHOULD NOT, have a ‘dislike’ button!!

  3. UR2H

    @Amgbenz0 Google this article “Jordan battles flu, makes Jazz sick”

    Jordan was determined to have food poisoning or the stomach virus 2 nights before the game. Which meant he probably didn’t eat much or drink enough fluids the following day due to nausea. The “flu like” symptoms carried over to the next day, game day, which is why they call it the flu game. Medical staff, teammates, everybody saw the man was sick. And everyone saw Pierce go down crying like a bitch then coming back like Jesus.

  4. 1PunchKO100

    Don’t know who can dislike the video. Must be people who were born latter and missed out on all the greats.

  5. 000EatMan000

    @Amgbenz0 i admired jordan’s performance in this game. then you start talking shit that this game was BS and we shouldnt be impressed. than many confused and ignorant posts later you proclaim: “Jordans flu game will go down in history as one of the best performances of any player, ever.” nice logic there genius. thats great that you making windows for people people, but clearly its not a very fulfilling job for you cuz you seem to harbor an incredible amount of rage and hostility.
    97 FORD btw.

  6. PatrickEganLong


    you’re seriously so fucking stupid if this flu game never happened everybody would still think michael jordan was the greatest of all time hands down there’s no way he thought this was necessary at all, it blows my mind that you think a competitor of his caliber would put on an act for recognition that is SO FUCKING STUPID, he did not have a lot of energy he was walking and shooting perimeter whenever he could, obviously when he gets to the bench hes gonna rest as much as possible…

  7. Amgbenz0

    @PatrickEganLong Why the hell would paul pierce look like he just broke every bone in his body and get carried off the court in the middle of a crucial game when he knew his team needed him? Why would he fake it just to come skipping out the tunnel 5 min later like nothin happened? Hmmm.. Could it be because it would make him seem like hes an amazing player with the most heart and will to win? Could it be to get recognized as one of the great who wouldnt let an injury/ sickness keep him out? Lol

  8. Amgbenz0

    @PatrickEganLong Another retard.. Lets just say for the sake of this arguement that jordan was exaggerating his sickness.. Ur saying why would he have no emotion during the entire game. If he truly was fake how sick he was, how believeable would it be if he was jumping up and down in excitement or laughing and having a great ass time? Are u fuckin stupid? You must be a terrible liar since u have no idea how u would go about doing it in the first place.

  9. PatrickEganLong


    why would he exaggerate his sickness? he had zero emotion the entire time he was one of the most badass enigmatic players ever and trash talked with the best of them why would he not be doing that in this game? he was fucking sick you stupid shit and it doesn’t matter because most players could never get 38-7-5-3 at their peak at their healthiest against a great team like the 1997 utah jazz…he’s not a jordan jocker youre a jordan HATER and that makes you a fuckin huge PUSSY

  10. Amgbenz0

    @Summerslam96 Yea im sure im straight, are u sure ur not the one whos gay getting sensitive about dick references? Getting uncomfortable? Lol, if u got off ur knees and pulled jordans dick out of ur mouth maybe u would be able to see the truth. Too bad ur just another dumb fuck that will believe any act he sees or story he is told. Just a dumb sheep. Go jump off of a bridge man, we need less of u gullible dumb fucks on this planet.


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