25 thoughts on “Melody Gardot – Ain’t No Sunshine (Live in Paris)

  1. SopranoJessi

    She sounds kinda like Eva Cassidy! You’ve got to hear Eva Cassidy’s version of “Aint No Sunshine” too if you like Melody. But Eva? died a few years ago. So glad to have found Melody!

  2. jannnyyy1

    just heard? her on the same station today July14th2012!!How could you not appreciate her magnifcant style/interpretation/talent!!She has been given an incredibly rich gift for all of us jazz lovers!!So glad i turned the radio on when I did!!ENJOY her for years to come!!!!!!!!Bravo Melody!!!!!We love you!!!!!xx

  3. TheodoreAngelos

    Ain’t no sunshine when (s)he’s gone. It’s not warm when (s)he’s away. But at least, we still have Melody to hug us? with her magnificent vocal embrace… ?

  4. Russell Sakauye

    I? heard this on our local jazz station (Jazz FM91.1) here in Toronto today in the afternoon driving into the city. So epic!


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