23 thoughts on “Mediterranean Sundance Friday Night in San Francisco (full)

  1. khourotic

    A question to the knowledgable ones. What is the difference between this and the album version if they are the “same”? Seeing as one is shorter…

  2. wilhelmSenf

    yes some women can be very ticklish.
    Imagine a foursome with? John, Al, Paco and a lucky girl – brutal K. O. in 3 seconds!

  3. oteromen

    Sin palabras Paco… Felicidades es el primera vez que esta guitarra tuya me eriza el pelo del? cuerpo…Magia…ERES MUY GRANDE!!!

  4. TheTranslator100

    “Does anyone else feel the same way?”

    After Paco’s solo, a? lot of parts started to sound different, and there are a few bends here I don’t remember Al doing. The middle section (both playing free-form riffs) was totally different from a miking/speaker? perspective. I hear more “extra” parts, than parts left out.


    I like the album version better. There are several details that I keep expecting when listening to this which are then left out. It may have more to do with me? than the actual recording. Does anyone else feel the same way?

  6. RaterisimoCBA

    Well I play electric guitar so I use a pick, but here you see Paco de Lucía playing masterfully with only fingers, and Al Dimeola play? outstandingly well with the pick, I guess I could never play with fingers, also I don´t have long nails XD, using only the pick has limitations when doing some arpeggios or string skipping , but I guess it´s a matter of figuring ways out to cover those things in alternative ways, Flamenco is originally played with fingers,you have more control of string intensity

  7. blood8815

    Yeah, it depends what you? start with. I use both ways and after a while it just feels almost the same, just different “tones”. Only difference is that i can’t do 32nd note picadas like on here, yet.

  8. gtrrr101

    The original duet, and in a way I think still the best! The “awwww” after that one Di Meola cadenza (about 1:50) still brings a smile…current? concert “awww”ers could learn from that guy! :-)))
    Guitarists…would you say finger style is more difficult? or it’s just that more guitarists start playing with a pick, so fingerstyle seems tougher?


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