Martin Taylor Interviews Tommy Emmanuel from Guitarists Martin Taylor and Tommy Emmanuel sit down to jam and talk about touring, jazz & country music, Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Albert Lee and playing and learning guitar. Filmed at CAAS 2010 in Nashville.

25 thoughts on “Martin Taylor Interviews Tommy Emmanuel from

  1. lektrikbass

    Tommy plays Maton guitars as do the kid’s group, The Wiggles, also from Australia. Amazingly different sounds from? similar instruments.

  2. heycolslaw

    I am satisfied to listen to? whatever Tommy plays & whoever accompanies him. Every time I listen it is a treat.***** 5 stars

  3. lhurien

    thanks, i think because they are so different that really makes the tune stand out. in any case it? was a beautiful performance. i love both those guys.

  4. JosephMarkMusic

    I don’t believe it’s possible to distinguish either of these two to be deemed better than the other, they both have their own styles, but if you’ve listened to Tommy Emmanuel, he has his own style of playing guitar, i mean tommy plays percussion “on the guitar” as well as guitar and is stuck usually on an acoustic guitar.? I haven’t heard much of Martin Taylor but from this video alone i hear he also has equal talent in his own right as a guitarist.

  5. GuitarOfTruth

    Why the hate for this comment? Tommy is great , but he is not in Martin Taylor’s league. You? just need ears to tell that. I am sure Tommy would agree.

  6. denis4510

    Nearness of you – great – thank you – what a great version Tommy I saw? live once.
    Once upon a time I was a professional piano player – once.

  7. TheWeakBeats

    Seriously…this guy’s name is? Martin Taylor???
    In other news..I’m changing my name to Coke Pepsi…


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