25 thoughts on “Marcus Miller ” What Is Hip? ” Lugano 2008

  1. mfarhanishak

    oh my goodness… i’ve been trying to play Rocco’s baseline for ages and MM just made me wanna practice for centuries ahead!

  2. R4Love365

    Marcus redefined every aspect of the bass-line for this song! I love you my brother. You’re phenomenal! Thanks for posting this!

  3. zakkwyldeverehrer

    @wheredave1983 “hey I’m Marcus Milller and I can play fast!” It’s virtuous, but Rocco Prestia has groove and THIS here isn’t really hip…

  4. jasont0815

    @seeker0truth LMBO!!! Thanks man, I hear ya! If I wasn’t so hard on myself, than it probably wouldn’t bother me as much! & part of what they’re saying is true, I mean, I straight up left the homies @ the starting line!! LOL!! It’s all good though, cause a few seconds in, I caught it, they waited 4 me, we locked, & off we went!! It was moreso the negative attitude that kind of errrked me a lil, cause I’m like, yo, have ur opinion, that’s cool, but u ain’t gotta be an a**hole about it! LOL!

  5. seeker0truth

    man jason if you read this anytime soon man let me say this….FUCK what these mahfuckas are talkin about man!! for real dude. you are a top notch musician on stage with other top notch musicians. people at home hatin as usual being way to analytical. LMAO!! i mean mahfuckas are talking about bpms to a world class musician while sittin at home with NO vidoes on youtube. that shit is just ridiculous man. nigga you dont have shit to prove LMAO!! FUCK EM!!!!

  6. MonoRec88

    @jasont0815 Hi again, I love that musicians in these videos are commenting themselves.

    I´m checking again and the BPM I´m getting is around 126 in the beginning, being that Miller plays three tuplets as an upbeat in the riff. Of course it takes some time in this clip to settle the tempo, but the groove coming out of the rushy start is very good.

  7. jasont0815

    @MonoRec88 I swear this vid will be my nightmare, 4ever! LOL, Anyhow, I just tapped this out on the ole metronome, & Marcus comes in @ around 132ish, ( idk how u got 124, though he recorded it @ 124.2-3, & always wanted it @ like 132-135 live ), I come barreling in @ a romping 140ish? WTH, LOL, thankfully Marcus didn’t freak, & I caught it, then we gradually brought it back down thru the intro/1st & 2nd verse/& choruses, finally settling down around 133-136ish! Awful start, Good finish! LOL


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