25 thoughts on “Maceo Parker – Basic Funk 101

  1. jplbeewee

    çà groove grave ! des sonorités comme on n’en entends pas souvent, alors, tel un bon vin, à déguster? ici, sans modération.

  2. Dellerss

    If I’m not mistaking Skeet is? playing Lakland (expensive jazz basses) and Yamaha, I don’t know which he’s using here though.

  3. ErikToliver

    To all of you Funk Masters out there, Maceo Parker is? in such a groove here just put headphones turn up the music, and you can’t help to start bobbing your head

  4. groovejazzdrums

    But JB really helped his band become what they were, he created the concepts and principles wich guided theyr evolution… Maceo describes his time playing with JB as “like being at University”. Wich, of course, doesn’t? mean anyone under JB guidance would become what Maceo became. I feel like Maceo and Fred are the ones who better understood what JB was all about, and even took it to the next level. They are funk!

  5. ericwingrove1967

    james brown was NOTHING without this band. Maceo fred pee wee come on they didn’t callem the? horny horns for nothing


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