25 thoughts on “Lucciano Pizzichini – Stella By Starlight

  1. jadedgirlforever

    Just Brilliant!!!!! I’m amazed!! You are truly gifted! The future king of music! WOw you inspire me.. Wonderful job!

  2. RocknLester2011

    @VizierElixir Ill tell ya, I play guitar,Im nothing special at it but Im true to who I am. I lost my Father 7+ years back,he was a classically trained Pianist and made a nice living off it. I miss him and I probably dissapointed him a bit because I never learned to read music. What he used to say was to never get a big head or actually belive that you are so damn good youll stop trying. This kids got some chops but I hope his parnets dont whore him out so They can collect the allmighty dollar.

  3. VizierElixir

    @JoroSchwein RocknLester2011 is actually right. Many of the kid prodigy musicians today are aholes. They have egos bigger than talents, and they piss the world off with it. It’s like crapp


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