25 thoughts on “LTJ Bukem – Moodswings

  1. NewMistyMe1971

    It’s amazing to think how much one track can have so much impact. This one inparticular (it may sound crazy) gave me so much strength, comfort and hope at a time when in my life (a long time ago) when a true and real love was lost!!. Thank you Mr Bukem for your passion and sharing it with the masses – your a ledgend in my eyes x.

  2. neatsu2501

    I’ve been listening to this awesome track every day of the last month and came here to show respect. Thank you, LTJ Bukem, thank you!

  3. alaphize

    @listenheredc Hehe, so glad you got the vibe too :) …Only; I’m not actually a ‘dude’, not in the literal sense anyway! Here’s to the groove! x 😉

  4. relaxyermynd

    @killerkar1m You are right on with that comment…You have to bump this track on a stereo with some bass to really appreciate how good it is…The bassline is straight crazy on this one…5/5 stars


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