25 thoughts on “Kirk Franklin – Precious Lamb Of God

  1. NuBeginnin

    @PhillyChickNaomi It’s another video on here [unless they took it down] They singing, “Jesus Paid it All”, from that Whatcha Lookin’ 4 CD.

  2. PhillyChickNaomi

    @NuBeginnin – Yes, yes…that DOES look like Kisha Grandy. Wow, another Kirk Franklin singer Tyler Perry recruited, along with husband and wife artists, David and Tamela Mann. This is my first time seeing this particular video. It’s sensational.

  3. mariopot789

    @rockerstarvjd that’s funny I had the same exact experience , eventually we got back together but what I learned during that tie was invaluable. I put her before God on several occasions and I earned that the old cliche is true as ever ” Only what you do for christ and in christ will last” I still love her ut she will never be greater than God in my eyes again, truthfully she shouldn’t have been before him in the first place. God bless you .

  4. marinyesto

    @rockerstarvjd God is with u man! He’s holding you my brother. Just don’t let go of His hand now. He Loves You!!!

  5. Resurrected44

    You are in my prayers. The pain lessons when we realize who we truly belong to, who truly loves us, unconditionally, when we love ourselves, happy with ourselves, we no longer require any Human to make us happy nor love us, it all comes from God. Let God heal your brokeness and restore the happiness that comes from God. Blessings my brother.

  6. angelicdazzle

    @rockerstarvjd I hopeee ur feeling better!!! had a smiliarr situation… in the end of may this year TOO my bf broke up with me… and i reached just a place of brokenness and God truly has beeeen an awesomee wonder… :) i will pray for u!


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