25 thoughts on “Joshua Redman – Blues On Sunday

  1. BlueinGreen2

    @ledzepdennis Will do man, thanks a lot. Spotify is pathetic and doesn’t have it but I’ll let you know when I get a listen of it.

  2. ledzepdennis

    @BlueinGreen2 Check out his solo on Anthropology from When I Fall in Love (by the “Mehldau & Rossy Trio”). That shit will blow your mind.

  3. saxocopter

    @bigdaveV12 , if you watch the older (1960’s) videos of Dexter Gordon, you’ll see Obama swinging like a wild man (lol)!

  4. BlueinGreen2

    Brad swings so hard – I’ve never heard this side of him! What albums are there where he’s rippin’ it up like this?!

  5. julianpalma116


    I have a friend who once felt nauseous on a boat because the engine noise was flat.
    I must say I laughed for about five minutes when I saw your comment, thank you very much.

  6. songsmadeforyou

    the VHS tape hiss is playing the 3rd; which sounds good over the I7 chord but it’s pretty dissonant over the IV7!

  7. quataup

    What a Band! Everything is so right! The amazing playing and soloing and of course the 90’s Clothes (Mehldau’s too big jacket, and McBride’s Art Blakey Shirt). Great! It’s so cool to see them having fun while playing a blues in Eb.


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