25 thoughts on “John Lewis and Billy Taylor – Jazz Piano Masters

  1. PastMilleniumMan

    Jesus! Just two men, and I heard about six different styles of playing! This is just amazing!

    And what’s wrong with the world today…

  2. gospelkeys07

    This was such an awesome telivision series. Billy Taylor gave us all so much, and he will forever be dearly missed among us jazz cats. Btw, check out my channel if you’d like, I have a couple tunes posted and am looking for feedback. Please? and Thank You!:)

  3. lokinhaelokonnashow

    Olá meu nome é Paty, quando você começar a ler esta mensagem não pára.Os cinco? anos? que morreu atingido por uma menina que? dizia ser minha melhor amiga me empurrou na frente de um carro.? Envie essa mensagem a 10 videos, ou 2:00 da? manhã naquela noite? eu vou aparecer no seu quarto e matá-lo. Não é brincadeira, acredite!??

  4. MrNunesdemorais

    What’s the best: John Lewis here in this wonderful performance (like Count Basie and his ‘economical’ piano style), or with his The Modern Jazz Quartet? Both, of course, in two different ways.

  5. kennethgnielsen

    Nonsense about stepping on toes, just listen and enjoy it. Neither of these dear fellows is with us today. Let’s stop and Yes, It is fitting to stop everything and reminisce.

  6. xxkornixx

    I can’t find the words for this! It’s so…..beautifull and professional! Almost made me cry!


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