25 thoughts on “Joe Pass – Jazz Lines DVD (1991)

  1. Butterscotch Bjorn

    I don’t understand when he says if you examine the cm9 it’s a bflat triad.
    cm9 has C(1), Eb(b3), G(5), Bb(b7), D(9). A Bb major triad has Bb(1),
    D(3) and an F for the 5th. It is a triad with a flattened 5th isn’t it
    which he doesn’t specify. Please help I cann not continue until I

  2. Steven Carey

    I have always loved Jazz music especially. I am really into it and the
    endless challenge of this interesting genre of music.?

  3. FiveTimesAugust

    +Konstantine Stebliy it’s the VHS – if you buy the book “Joe Pass on
    Guitar” it comes with a CD featuring audio from this video and the guitar
    is clean.?

  4. Chris Colloton

    That’s not what the original question was. The question was is the 5 always
    dominant, the answer is no. Nobody mentioned 2 5 1’s.

  5. TheJofrica

    I think he means he doesn’t use dedicated arpeggio shapes. He might play
    them but he probably is thinking within the “big chord scale” he is
    describing. His playing seems to be based a lot on extended scales. But not
    that I know, it’s Joe Pass after all


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