Jody Jazz JET alto sax mouthpiece [demo & review]

Demo video of the new JodyJazz JET alto saxophone mouthpiece. Review: It has a high-energy, powerful sound – but it’s surprisingly versatile, as I demonstrate with a few different styles….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

13 thoughts on “Jody Jazz JET alto sax mouthpiece [demo & review]

  1. Abnel Hidalgo

    I want to know everything, from reed to horn, including ligature.. I know
    the mouthpiece is the jet but i wanna know what horn this is.. Im an
    advanced sax player and im just a boy and his passion for the sax trying to
    find his true sound for this wide wide jazzy world?

  2. Saxyman

    love your sound how much does that mouthpiece cost and are there any other
    mouthpieces that you think would be good for jazz for me I have been
    playing jazz for 8 months?

  3. Anthony Tummillo

    Hey brother… solid sound…. just wondering what settings you use on your
    zoom… I just cant get it right on mine… you seem to have everything
    together to have such great video quality and sound quality?

  4. Brandon Quinn

    Great Tune! I have a question though, is the song around 0:40 an actual
    song you did you make that one up cause if its a song could you email me
    the lyrics or something? That be great and keep up the great work! ?

  5. JazzyJacobBaldwin

    I bought my JET a couple months ago, a size 7. It gives me everything I
    want, sound, tone, projection, the whole deal with a pack of chips… BUT,
    there has been this constant annoyance that maybe you could help me with.
    I’ve tried many different reeds and horns, and there is consistently a
    ‘chirping’ with all of them around the middle range of my alto when I
    tongue. Sometimes it floats around the full range of the horn, but the
    middle range gives me the most problems… more so around middle D. Any
    recommendations? ?

  6. Miller Sax King

    may I say your tone is incredible and how long have you been playing.
    finally is that a Gerald Albright saxophone??

  7. Kyle Schroeder

    What’s your take on reed warping with large tip openings….. Does the reed
    die quickly? Let me know because I finally saved up enough to buy this


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