Jimi Hendrix – Jimi’s Best Guitar Solo Ever! (1970)

Jimi’s Best solo ! The solo is from “Stone Free” Jan 1, 1970 Filmore East with Billy Cox on Bass and Buddy Miles on Drums/backing Vocals. There is no video of it so I dubbed it into the 1969 New Port Jazz Festival. Came out pretty good. I think this is Jimi’s Best solo….your thoughts??

25 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Jimi’s Best Guitar Solo Ever! (1970)

  1. bure998

    awesome vid…talk about slicing your ears off! think he’s using fender (and is that an ampeg?) heads and early sunn cabs..they appear to be w/ 2 15″ jbl’s in ’em. i think this was just before he switched to the mighty sunn heads…

  2. houserpowerwsp

    Technical skills???? Jimi plays everything in Key… and to play like this he I would have to say has skills.. EVH he would slaughter and Clapton Beck and his other peers did not know how to digest him … His Tone is Strat Tone straight into those marshal stacks.. Sickness

  3. onesong2001

    If u want technical listen to Steve Vai. But some of us can appreciate more than just technical ability. A computer can play music more technically than any human but does it make good music? I think not. A huge part of what made Jimi great was his heart, mind & soul. Love u Jimi.

  4. Zamzeeflizzam

    Amazing Solo! Too bad it’s the first track from The Band of Gypsies Album, “Live at the Fillmore East” performance, not from what I assume to be Woodstock. Nonetheless Hendrix=Greatest Guitar Player Ever!

  5. alcapone768

    @cathoderoy Jimmi Hendrix was great, Stevie Ray exelent and Cathoderoy? umm, who is him? Sorry boy, I play in a band but no offence, Stevie Ray was a terrible player…Cheers..


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