25 thoughts on “Jazz Funk – Azymuth – Dear Limmertz


    I should think that Azymuth will have something to do with the World Cup 2014 theme tune, or the 2016 Olympics theme… If its upto F.I.F.A, and the I.O.C though, who f*****g knows?? Cheryl Cole, Justin Bieber, and Lady f*****g GaGa….. prime time artists!! Good upload, and 400,000 fans. XX

  2. teggwestbrook

    fallen in love with Azymuth. Could someone please tell me anyone who is similar to this band so I can expand on my funk-horizons

  3. sastal

    @jbubal You better be! Azymuth are the Brazilian band most Brazilians do not now. It’s a shame, really. Every conversation I have with someone from there looks at me with a weird look. Too bad. Far Our Recordings, check it out.

  4. Bermo03

    @lgbm777 After reading your comment I imagined Zach Galifianakis dressed as Jesus going what you said. Amazing.

  5. jbubal

    Unbelievable. I’m brazilian, and I was searching for various jazz artists on YouTube. Ended up here through a related link on a song of Jeff Lorber Fusion. When I heard this I went searching about the band right away. Couldn’t believe that this is brazilian music. I’m very proud of my country right now, heh! Very good!

  6. Realness97

    Lovin’ the “bap bap” riff ahead of the main rhythm and its continued use in accentuating the overall track. It sounds like a guitar to the wannabe musician in me!

  7. dot4design

    Cool, Smooth, groovy…..and that bass….MORE FANTASTIC “80“s music at my channel!!!!! Take a look….

  8. arhman20793

    Usually i listen to death metal and hardcore punk. This however makes a very welcome change, funk is brilliant

  9. wizeman5974

    I wonder if the 8 people who dislike this (as of 3/12/11) like jazz and/or funk at all. This is such a groovy tune!

  10. MikeMcGantic

    typed “jazz funk” into Youtube…and…surely enough…Jose, Alex and Ivan…the Bad Boys of Rio…love it


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