15 thoughts on “Jazz Compilation 2012 Part 2

  1. Brian Paone

    *Overleveled for Balmorra before you even got your spaceship?*

    Yeah, me too. I need to take five. Good a reason as any, then, to start the
    day out with some Dave Brubeck. Then continue it, perhaps, with the likes
    of Coltrane, Getz and so on.

    Instead of a playlist, this time I just picked a looper. Enjoy! Or don’t.
    I’m not here to tell ya what to do. ;-)?

  2. Bumble Bee

    this made me remember why did i quit music class in school …. :( …. i
    hated music class…. why did i quit !!! :( :( :( :( …. ?

  3. Ihus mal

    To all the people who want time stamps for this lovely collection of jazz,
    here it is:
    0:00 Take Five
    5:28 Love me or leave me
    12:20 Waltz for Debby
    17:16 I’ve got you under my skin
    20:34 Django
    24:43 Almost like being in love
    28:19 I’m confessing that I love you
    32:05 Walking Shoes
    37:53 Body and Soul
    40:54 Slop
    46:03 But not for me
    49:26 Prelude to a kiss
    56:48 Stardust
    1:00:24 Petite Fleur
    1:03:42 The foolish things
    1:07:05 Blue Train?

  4. mauythaiguy11

    My friends were trying to get me into metal music and after a while of
    listening to links i just had to close them down and search the first jazz
    video i could find. Far too stressful. ?


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